4 Foods To Help You Jump Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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We’re all looking for ways to be healthier. Whether it’s the foods we consume or the changing of small habits in our daily routine, there are little things we all can do to be a little bit healthier.

So, with all the food myths out there, we thought it’s our responsibility to make things a little bit clearer for you. And if you’ve never thought there are food myths out there, think again! From popular wagyu myths that you can read in detail about at WagyuShop, to downright misconceptions about foods we consume every day they are all around us.

That’s why we’re taking a look at foods that can jumpstart the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, from choosing the right foods to eat, to consume the right amount of macro and micronutrients.

Okay, ready? Let’s get this thing started with the first food-related tip in the post.

Avocados and other healthy fat-packed foods are super healthy

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Fats are bad for you. We’ve heard this so many times. We’ve heard it so many times that we accept it as true without second-guessing it. However, there’s a little catch.

Not all fats are bad for you. If you think about it, many fat-packed foods are both super healthy and can help you jump start your metabolism.

In fact, fatty foods like avocados, eggs, nuts, and even chocolate are healthy for you. The reason being is the way your body is treating these foods once you consume them. Unsaturated fats are used as energy, rather than stored as fat.

But while they’re healthy, and much needed for your body to thrive and feel energetic, it’s also essential to keep fatty foods consumption under control. Just like everything else, if you eat too much of it, it will most likely become bad for your health.

Add more meats to your daily diet to increase your protein consumption

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And while we’re on the topic of fatty foods, a great source of good fat is in the meat you consume.

Recently, a keto diet has made its rounds around the internet. However, before starting it, we strongly advise you to consult with a dietician and your family doctor. It can have a negative effect if you’re suffering from certain diseases.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get talking to the right types of meat you should eat. Focus more on eating fat-packed meats. Think wagyu, beef, and pork meat. While chicken is lean and great for cutting weight, if you want to feel more energetic and

Some particular vegetables are much better for jumpstarting your health than others

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And just like meats and fatty vegetables, there are other organic foods out there that can make your organism work faster, lose more weight, and feel much more energetic during your day.

Think of celery and apples! They’re both excellent sources of fibers that will keep your body digesting food fast, and it will help you feel lighter after eating.

Not only that, but you’ll have a much healthier and biodiverse microbiome. So, focus on eating foods like celery, apples, and even chia seeds to boost your metabolism and immune system.

And don’t forget about the other little healthy things you’ll have to do

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But while eating the right foods is all great and good, there are other things just as important that need your consideration.

For example, small things like how much water you’re drinking can significantly influence the way your body digests food. And while this doesn’t sound like something that is hard to adapt, it really is if you haven’t built it as a habit. Then, it’s also essential to do a bit of exercise. Even walking around your block every morning can drastically improve your health.

But most importantly, make sure you aren’t starving yourself. So many people think that not eating anything will make their bodies start to lose weight all of a sudden. That’s actually pretty bad.

In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do to your body. Keep eating correctly, in small portions, and often. Just focus on eating the right foods instead of consuming fast foods and other unhealthy options.

Don’t forget about picking the right antioxidant foods as well

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One of the more important things when you’re looking to restart or jump-start your metabolism if we have to be more precise, you should start thinking about consuming foods that are great antioxidants.

And there are many great superfoods out there who can help your organism return to its fullest potential.

Think blueberries, artichokes, and goji berries. All three are amazing foods for removing all toxins from your body. For example, goji berries create Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, which has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Not only that, but oxidant foods can also help with keeping your blood pressure under control.

And artichokes are known to have a positive effect on any liver conditions. In addition, the chlorogenic acid they contain has been proven to have positive anti-inflammation effects and lower the chances of liver cancer in certain individuals.

Finally, blueberries are the fruit that has the biggest amounts of antioxidants in it. They’re so powerful, that the anti-oxidants in this fruit have shown positive effects on reversing the aging of the brain. And if you thought this was it for blueberries, they have a lot more impressive feats to show you. Blueberries contain anthocyanins. It’s a special antioxidant that helps your body reduce the risks of heart disease. This antioxidant does a great job of keeping cholesterol levels in check and lowering your blood pressure.

However, you choose to become healthier with your eating, remember that you’re the one in control of the process. So, don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan if you even feel the need to.

Small cheat meals are allowed, as long as you do them in moderation. So, grab a slice of your favorite pizza once in a while, and don’t feel like you’ve failed. When you treat yourself from time to time, you’re actually more likely to stay on track for the long game.