Best Diet for Golf Players

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Diet plays a really important role when you are a sportsperson. You really have to be in the perfect shape to be an inflow of the game. Professional golfers and trainers will always tell you that only training is not sufficient, but you have to also maintain a proper rigorous diet to be an all-round player.

A proper diet plan includes meals for before the game, after the game and during the game. All the meals play an essential role in being the building blocks of the body. According to, golf resorts have a stipulated diet plan for players arriving at the place to play the game.

After going through some of the diet plans, we have tried to list down what is best for golfers and what they should follow to maintain their golfer’s body. Of course, there can be cheat days, but if there is more inclination towards a good diet, nothing can stop your body from being in good shape.

And yes, a good diet does not mean that it is not tasty. We understand that a golfer spends almost 8 hours a day on the course, and he deserves a good taste on his palettes. So, let’s start with the list.

While Training

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Diet plays an important role while you are training your body for the games. Your body needs the necessary proteins and minerals to push itself. While training, if you take in the right number of supplements and proteins, your body will be totally ready to take you to a point you want to stretch yourself.

The muscles need proper hydration while training, and these can be provided with protein shakes, juices, and fluids. You have also binged on some salad and a protein-rich diet in between the workouts.

Proper carbohydrates such as brown rice, multigrain options can also be a great way to prevent your body from getting tired. These carbohydrates help in regaining the drained energy. So, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals should all constitute your training diet plan. Of course, the diet depends on individual to individual.

One diet plan does not suit all, so they have to be customized. If you are taking proper professional training, you will be given a proper diet plan, and you really need to stick to it to be the best at golf.

A good training diet is really essential for beginners and young athletes as they have a long way to go.

Intake of Fluids

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Fluids are really important for the body. They are the ones who decide your muscle mechanisms and the stamina of your body. If you are adequately hydrated all day round, fatigue cannot touch you. Your fluid intake does not just include water, and it has to be filled with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

This can also include juices, flavored waters, sodas, or anything that has glucose and the required energy to give you. The major thing that should be avoided in fluids is sugar content. Sugar, in general, is all not good for the body. Its intake should be as minimum as possible.

Even when you are playing, you should have access to fluids, and you should have them at regular intervals. Dehydration is a major reason for not being able to concentrate on the game. You have to be under the sun for a major number of hours, so keep the fluid intake as high as possible.

Your dietician may educate you about the fluids that are available in the market for athlete intake. And you can also try some healthy recipes on your own to avoid the intake of preservatives.

Pre-Game Meals

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A pre-game meal is as important as a pre-game fitness. This meal intake decides your complete energy level for the game. It should not be too heavy nor too light. The meal should include an adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and sugar. The meal should be fresh enough to give your body the required stamina and to make sure that you are not fatigued.

A golf game can last up to five to six hours, and it is highly important that these hours your body lets you concentrate on the game. So, a proper meal before the game is eminently necessary.

Now, this meal should include the freshest seasonal fruits, multigrain, or oats bread, and these can be combined with baked beans or sprouts for wholesome protein. The protein diet should also include chicken, fish, etc. But these should not be cooked in oil but be oil-free. The carbs and sugar diet can include an adequate amount of cheese, potato, and multigrain meals.

These are a few options, but you know what is best for your body and you should intake that. But choose wisely and remember not to overdo or eat less. You should know beforehand what makes you adequately fit for the game!

During the game

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As said earlier, a golf game can last for several hours, so skipping a meal is a routine. But to make it up, we have been sure that the player eats between games and takes proper meals essential to maintain the stamina and concentration needed for the game.

So, there should always be meals and hydration at regular intervals. The snacks should contain protein and carbohydrates, and this includes eggs, dried fruits, nuts, and fruit juices. Hydrating drinks could also include energy drinks and other athletic drinks.

Even post the game, you should take proper diet to recover your body from the strenuous activity. After all, you deserve a nice treat from the game you have participated in.

These are some of the good diet plans that a golfer should follow. The training sessions, proper diet plans, and immense practice are also necessary to make you the best professional golfer. Right from the time you decide to take golf seriously, you should start maintaining a proper diet plan. It will take your body some time to adjust, but eventually, you will have a proper athletic body as required by a great player.