6 Creative Countertop Gardening Ideas for Your Kitchen 2023

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Having a wonderful kitchen is a dream of every woman who likes to prepare home-cooked meals. Usually, decorating the kitchen goes step by step until everything is where it should be. Spices are important for making every dish tasty and healthy, but growing them in the kitchen can be a very enjoyable experience. If you’re thinking that your kitchen is simply not big enough, you are probably overseeing some nice places where you can put them. We’re here to help you understand better how you can use your space better to grow plants easily and enjoy having spices available the moment you need them.

1. Use the space on the refrigerator

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If your fridge is not too high, you can use it to place a few plants that you can grow. Of course, it is important that it has enough light. If you’re not sure which plants will be good to have, think about choosing aloe vera, basil, rosemary, oregano, and mentha. All of these plants are great and quite useful. Whenever you wish to have tea, you can easily take some, add it to boiling water and pour it into a mug.

Also, aloe vera has numerous beneficial properties so you can use it for small cuts, for nurturing the skin and for making skin nourishing treatments. Pizza cannot be tasty without oregano, and rosemary and basil can be added to any dish. It is important to choose the plants that will be useful to you. If you wish to try to grow beautiful mushrooms in your kitchen, check out Little Acre.

2. Hang them

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If you are struggling with space, you can simply hang planters next to the kitchen windows. This way, it won’t take too much of your space, but it will be quite interesting and useful. This is especially beautiful if your kitchen is modernly equipped with the latest fashion trends, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You should use all the resources that you have to improve the way your kitchen looks. Play around with the colors.

You can paint the flowerpots to suit your kitchen or simply choose a few in different colors – basically whichever suits you is good. It is important to decorate your kitchen to suit your requirements and inspire you to make food and enjoy the meals on a regular basis. The great thing about this method is that it can be easily done and it practically doesn’t take too much of your space, especially if you hang it somewhere near the window.

3. Think about a LED garden kit

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If you don’t have too much light in your kitchen, but you are eager to have your plants, you can try out a garden kit with LED lights. These lights are built-in which means that your plants will have enough light no matter where you put them. You can place them even next to your sink instead of spice rack and have natural spices right in front of you. Not only they will look nice, but their aroma will relax you and simply help you enjoy cooking like a professional.

4. Hang it on the wall

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If you like to have your counter free of clutter, then you can try putting a planter on the wall. It is easy to hang and you can simply choose the plants you like to see and grow. They will need a little care, but won’t take too much of your space which is perfect for a small kitchen. Besides, it will look interesting and it will look like decoration with a twist. Nature is sometimes the best way to enhance our living area, especially in the cities where we simply need more air to clear up our lungs.

5. Use old jars

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If you have some spare jars that you don’t use, you can take them out and breathe in life in them. It is always good to utilize what you have when you want to engage in a DIY project but you are not very eager to invest too much money. You will just need the seeds and that would be basically it. It is very easy to do it and it will bring you pleasure knowing that you are reusing things that are old to make them beautiful and new again. It is up to you to choose the shapes – you can pick the jars of the same size, but doesn’t have to be the case. Make sure you label them, so you know which jar contains which plants. It will be easier for you to organize everything.

6. How about a water tank for a herb garden?

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If you have a small water tank and your golden fish in it, you can add a herb garden on top and simply enjoy this wonderful sight every time you walk into a kitchen. There are special tanks for this but you can also improvise. Fish love nature, so it will be quite useful for them to have plants near, it is an ecosystem that will imitate the natural one. It will be your relaxing piece of heaven and your chance to relax and enjoy your peaceful environment. The scent of the herbs will make you forget about everything else.

We hope we inspired you to start your small garden and enjoy having wonderful spices or mushrooms in your home. Choose the idea you like the most and make it happen. In the time when it is important to turn to organic food, it has never been easier to contribute with your ideas and simply enjoy nature even if you live in the city and don’t have the chance to go somewhere just to breathe in the fresh air. Even small steps matter, so give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your small garden and make an effort every day to nurture it and improve your dishes with the aromatic spices right from your kitchen!