5 Cake Decorating Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Make a cake, bake a cake. Piece of cake? Not that much. Making a cake is the easy part. Is that right? Yes. What’s the hard part then? Do you ask us? All right, let us tell you. The hard part is the decoration. How’s that? Well, when you make a cake, it can be a straightforward task. You have the ingredients, and the steps to make it. Step by step and it’s done. But, a simple cake won’t do the trick, won’t it? It won’t. What you need is that finishing touch. Let’s talk about that.

When it comes to making a cake, it’s all about that finishing touch. You can make the tastiest piece in the world, if it looks nasty no one will touch it. But, if you decorate it the right way, people will try even a salty cake. Cakes are like people and social networks – it’s all about appearance. This brings us to our main subject for today. Do you know how to decorate a cake? Considering that you’re reading this article the answer is probably no. That’s good, because you need our help, and we’re more than eager to give it to you.

Continue reading this article and you’ll find what we see as five cake-decorating tips and tricks for beginners. This is a helpful piece, and once you finish reading it you’ll be one step closer to making a perfect cake. Of course, in addition to our fine advice, you’re going to need some cake decorating supplies, and the best ones you can find here. In the mid-time make sure that you read our article to ensure that you know the proper ways of using them. Now, without further ado, let’s start.

Use The Right Tools

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Even if you’re a beginner your tools need to be professional. Now, we’re not talking about Gordon Ramsey professionals level, but you need to have the right tools. It all starts there. You can’t get the job right if you’re not equipped properly. This is lesson number one. You just can’t fathom how easy this work is when you have the needed tools. Imagine decorating your cake with your hands. You can’t do it that way. Using inadequate tools will provide you with the same result.

So, what are the right tools? We’re glad you’ve asked. First of all, we’re not going to tell you this as if you were a professional chef. But even as a rookie in this department you’ll need to cover the basics. So, let’s start with a cake disc, which preferably could be acrylic. After you have that you need to add a cake scraper and an icing spatula. These are the basic tools. To get the job done right you’ll also need a piping bag. With these few tools, you can decorate any cake regardless of your experience.

Freeze It

Winter is coming. Cake decorations and the freezer go hand in hand. Don’t even attempt to decorate a cake if you don’t have a freezer available. The first step of decorating is frosting. You need to put the frosting element around your cake. Once you have done this, and initially you’ll do it with a thin layer, you need to leave your cake to rest in the freezer.

Depending on the kind you’re making, this process needs to last from fifteen minutes to half an hour.  If you didn’t know, the first layer you put on is called a crumb coat. It is vital for the stability of your cake. Once you have this layer done, your entire cake will hold its place while you get the rest of the decorations on.

Use The Scraper The Right Way

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A cake scraper is a dangerous tool if not used properly it can ruin your cake. Beware of it! Yes, this is a true warning. You shouldn’t take it lightly. A cake can be a centerpiece of a birthday party or a wedding. But if you mess it up you could ruin someone’s good time. That’s why you must use the cake scraper the right way.

Which way is that? Well, you need to use it under a 45 degree angle. What will this do for you and your cake? Well, it will help you to get the edges right. When you’re doing your cake you want it to look smooth by the end. You’ll achieve this effect if you use the scraper the way we’re suggesting it. This is a simple tip, but the one that will get your skills over the top.

Bond The Acrylic Disk And Buttercream

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As we said when you’re decorating the cake you want perfection. Cutting-edge technology when it comes to cakes is the acrylic disc. Use it when you’re finishing your product. It will help you to get to each angle of your cake even if it’s round. Yes, this doesn’t make any sense but you get the point, right? By using a disc you’ll be able to cover every detail of your cake from every direction. This is what you want to achieve as every cake has the destiny to be sown off before being eaten. That’s why you need to do the decorations properly.

Avoid The Edges

When you’re putting those finishing touches and you have come to the part where you’re using the piping bag make sure you keep it away from the edges. If you get close to the edges there’s a chance that your decoration is going to flip over. This could ruin all of the work you achieved earlier.

That’s why you need to use the piping decorations from the middle and towards the edges. Never go overboard as that could backfire on you. Having your decoration intended for the top of the cake dripping on the sides is not a good look. As we said, don’t let all the work you put in earlier backfire on you like this. It’s not that hard to follow these simple tips, and this one as your finishing touch should be respected more than any.