Why You Should Buy An Electric Smoker – 2023 Guide

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For centuries, people have had a deep affection for grilled foods. Burning meat, fish, or vegetables excites our taste buds to the point where we want these foods again and again. The smoky flavor and juicy tender foods normally have more taste than traditional cooking methods.

To meet such cravings, people use two main types of smokers: propane and electric smokers. Propane smokers are the most convenient gadgets that prepare barbecued items. However, nowadays, there are also electric smokers to help you prepare authentic smoked foods without wood or charcoal.

Almost all electric smokers have some common features like heating elements, temperature range, temperature control, and meat probes. Instead of using wood and charcoal as fuel, electric smokers use 1000 to 1200 watt powers as a prime heating source. Even further, they have a range of different temperatures for different food recipes.

Electric smokers have temperature control which monitors the internal temperature. It is also possible to insert a thermometer on the meat and monitor its temperature without necessarily opening the smoker. To find out more about electric smokers, you can read the reviews online.

As electric smokers are gaining in popularity for grilled items, it is important to discover why more people want electric smokers. Let’s find some top reasons to buy an electric smoker.


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You don’t need to be a master to prepare grilled foods with electric smokers. Let’s be honest: cooking smoked foods with wood and charcoal is never easy unless you are an expert on it. There can be certain flare-ups, overcooking, misuse of direct heating and indirect heating, and much more.

In electric smokers, you just need to set a thermostat according to your recipe. The machine does the rest in preparing your grilled items. It circulates heat evenly from all corners of the body, and you can monitor its temperature and cooking conditions without opening the door.

You also don’t need to find propane levels in the gas tank or refill wood chips while cooking. The machine does not irritate with rings of smoke but still prepares grill items with almost the same quality. With no big chances of accidents, the machine is also safe for beginners.

Easy to Operate

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Electric smokers do not need charcoal, wood, or airflow control for the temperature spike so you get more time to focus on your recipe. To run an electric smoker, fill the water trays and throw in some wood chips. Now it’s time to plug in and set it to the temperature stated in your recipe. Wait for a while! Once it reaches that temperature, you are ready to add food to the electric smoker.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean

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In conventional grilling, you may have burned enough propane to build more of a carbon footprint where you live as burning charcoal and wood chips produces more than enough dust and greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide.

In an electric smoker, it produces the same grill effects without disrupting nature. Because it uses electricity for power, there are no ashes from wood chips or charcoal, which also helps clean your machine after use. Most electric smokers have stainless steel and glass interiors, so you can easily wipe out spills to keep it clean for the next grilling session.

Cost-Effective Option

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Electric smokers are cost-effective both in terms of start-up and operating costs. You can always find a quality smoker under 200 dollars or so, while the most effective large-sized pit boss grill can cost you a thousand dollars, which is not affordable for most people to start grilling.

Of course, you will find other low-cost options with charcoal smokers, but there are questions in its quality and durability. From that perspective, affordable electric smokers are way better than charcoal options.

In most developed countries, propane is more expensive than electricity. Furthermore, you won’t need to buy any wood chips, logs, or charcoal to fuel your machine.

Most electric smokers are vertical in shape and save a lot of space to cook more food items and you don’t need to fuel it up for multiple sessions for bulk cooking, which saves your expenses once again. It is easy to clean and only a simple wipe with soap water can get rid of dirt. So, an electric smoker is more cost-effective from all perspectives.

Best for Areas With A Fire Ban

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In this era of climate change arguments, some countries and states impose a fire ban in summer to contain the chances of wildfire. Though these fire ban regulations may differ between areas or states, your appetite for grill items does not end with the ban.

An electric smoker is the best solution when you are facing a fire ban. Electric smokers produce enough heat inside to create chips to smolder. As there are no chances of fire and smoke to harm the environment, you won’t get fined for grilling.

In case you want to grill in an apartment or condos, you have no better option than an electric smoker to serve grill items. It is a safe gadget to play with for meals including grilled fish, meat, chicken, veggies, or sausage.

Try Cold Smoking

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Electric smokers are versatile. Other than the regular use of hot smoking, you can also try cold smoking in order to bring different tastes and flavors to the diet. Cold smoking is similar to regular smoking, but the temperature is much lower than usual.

You can try it to cold smoke items like fish, dried meats, sausage, chicken breasts, pork chops, cheese, nuts, and more. It is possible to prepare items without melting or roasting them in electric smokers.

Some of them have additional cold smoke attachments while some others require you to purchase it separately to bring more versatility to your cooking. Make sure the attachment you buy is compatible with your brand and serves the best cold smoking for desired recipes.

Final Verdict

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Electric smokers are the modern-day solution to fill your grilling appetite. It is hassle-free, easy, and cost-effective. Also, it is a versatile option for you to try a wide range of recipes. Try the modern affordable solution to bring more flexibility in life.