What Foods are Best in Hot Weather – 2023 Guide

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Summer is around the corner, and the temperature is getting high along with the urge to eat. To keep fresh, healthy, and comfortable during the hot weather, eat the right food helps. In summer, you are more prone to dehydration, skin problems, allergies, fatigue, and weakened immunity.

Because of the hot weather, we often feel lazy to exercise and find it hard to focus on our diet. This often leads us to pick random food that is not necessarily good for our health or help us stay calm.

Eating the right type of food for hot weather has many benefits. Besides keeping maintaining an optimum temperature to keep you comfortable, it helps to be more productive too!

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, water, and natural minerals are some of the best food suited in hot weather. So what are the warm weather foods? Read on LiveTray find out!

Best Food for Hot Weather

1. Coconut Water

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Staying hydrated is an essential step to beat the heat in hot weather. While drinking water is an excellent way to start, it can get boring. Make drinking water more exciting by substituting it with coconut water.

Coconuts are available throughout the years, and they have all the components of refreshing cold water, but with a different taste. Coconut is rich in fiber, vitamins and manganese, phosphorous, and iron. The nutrition in coconut water will keep you hydrated and satiated longer. You can drink it with other liquid, juice, or have it plain, and feel it cool you instantly.

2. Peppermint

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In summer, we sweat and feel tired quickly. Because it is hot, wounds take longer to heal. Also, we often get migraines and headaches from the heat. Peppermints are naturally cooling, refreshing, and curing agents. They work well for the summer heat because we are prone to digestive problems, infections, and dullness. Peppermints are rich in Vitamin C, Iron, protein, and carbohydrates, which are all necessary to keep you energetic.

They are also a great summer food because they are versatile. You can put them in your drinks, use them as a garnish, sauce it, or chew on it for a minty fresh and refreshing feeling.

They prevent bloating acid reflux and indigestion. Mints also relieve sinus, period cramps, and tensions, making you feel energized and relaxed even in the heat.

3. Citrus fruits, lemon, orange, grapefruit

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Citrus fruits are the richest sources of Vitamin C. They are also rich in niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and carbohydrates. These nutritious values make them necessary to beat the heat.

Since hot days make you prone to suntan, dehydration and losing electrolytes, citrus fruits can replenish all these nutrients. Vitamin C in the fruits minimizes tanning and loss of water. Besides the refreshing flavor of lemons, lime, and oranges, the texture of the fruits is crisp and perfect for hot weather.

4. Melons, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon

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Melons constitute of 95% water and fibrous flesh, packed with folate and potassium. They are naturally rich in vitamin C, A, and D. The watery base and fleshy texture are refreshing and satiating. Since they are rich in folate, it helps repair cells and keeps your skin hydrated while giving you a healthy glow. Heatwaves often cause eye irritation, which often results in headaches and sinus problems. The carotenoids in melons also help in maintaining eye function.

You can easily blend them with other fruits to make refreshing smoothies or juice them up. Another way to utilize these gifts of nature is by adding them to salads.

5. Cucumbers

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When it comes to summer and food, cucumbers are lifesavers. The high water content and crispy flesh make it a versatile food for all weather. You can chop it and eat it whole, mix and blend with fruits and vegetables or add it to your salad.

Cucumbers are refreshing, hydrating, and has plenty of essential nutrients. They can also be used externally for several cooling and beauty regimen. Eating cucumber is the hot weather that will calm you internally and show significant improvement on your skin.

6. Yogurt

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The fermented milk product used for cooking, baking, and cosmetics is one of the most cooling foods for summer. It is rich in protein, water, and calories.

Yogurt can be consumed in the form of liquid or as a healthy substitute to ice cream, salad dressing, or sauce. Put it in the fridge for some time, and enjoy the creamy chills of fresh yogurt that will energize and boost your immunity.

Unlike other snacks, it is healthy to eat at any time of the day. Unless you are lactose intolerant, you can have it before breakfast or after dinner. Either way, it will surely refresh you during the hot weather.

7. White meat such as chicken, fish salmon

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When it comes to meat, they are primarily beneficial for providing protein. It is best to consume less meat and more greens in the summer to prevent body heat. However, if you must, try opting for white meat such as chicken, fish, or salmon.

They are lower in calories and prevent heart-related diseases. Since red meat often increases blood pressure, substituting it with white meat can significantly reduce frequent hot flashes in the summer.


There are several other tips and tricks to help you survive the summer. Get creative and make the best out of these foods with some experiments this summer. You can also follow LiveTray for the best summer recipes!