Best 10 Chinese Food You Should Try

People are very fond of eating and describe new and innovative tastes. There is a lot of importance of food in any human being’s life. food provides us with nutrients. Nutrients are substances that provide: Energy for Activity, Growth, and all functions of the body like breathing, digesting, and keeping the immune system healthy. The world consists of countries, many regions, and different traditions. Different regions have different types of tastes and a lot of types of foods. China has a lot of traditions and divisions according to its food. But there are some best dishes they have matchless taste and importance

1. Hot Pot:

Hot pot is a dish that means fire pot. It is made in a metal pot that is full of broth and the food is swimming in that broth. Its consistency is not too thick. Raw food is boiling in it. It can be vegetables and any kind of meat cooked in the broth. People make it in front of them on the dining table and add spices according to their taste with the assistance of chiefs. It took 30 to 40 minutes to cook and be ready for eating. It’s easily available in china.

2. Dumplings:

A dumpling is a dish that consists of wheat flour dough that consists of meat like Chicken, Beef, cheese, Potatoes, fruits, and sweets. Chinese are very fond of eating, especially that type of food which consists of meat and vegetables with fewer spices. It can be cooked in a pan, Deep fried in oil, Boiled, and steamed. It is also called a pot sticker in china. Dumplings are usually very healthy because they are rich in protein, fiber, and portions. A single person can easily eat 10 to 15 dumplings in a row. It’s not heavy for the stomach of a human being

3. Fried Rice:

Fried rice is a common dish in china. It is made of rice and other ingredients including vegetables like carrots, Green onion, and Bell peppers that are green, Yellow, and red, and also egg. It can also make it home, usually leftover rice and other meat from the last meal. It is very common in the whole World, especially in Asian countries, and also easy to cook.

4. Chow Mein:

Chow mein is probably one of the favorite foods of many people. Chow mein means stir-fried noodles. This stir-fried dish consists of noodles, Vegetables, and eggs. It’s as common as fried rice in china. Chow mein is a street and also a domestic food in china. Its consistency is as thick as 1 to 4 inches of noodles used for its making. It is as healthy as other food items in china. People like it because it is used for appetizers and a meal too. Vegetables provide protein, carbs, and fiber and they have low calories. It can take in lunch and dinner too

5. Peking Roasted Duck:

Peking roasted duck is one of the national foods of china. Specifically famous for Beijing food. Peking duck is savored for its thin and crispy skin. Sliced Peking duck is eaten with pancakes, Sweet bean sauce, Or soya sauce with garlic. It is a must-taste dish of china. Peking duck meat is known for its mild satisfaction that easily adapts to several cuisines.

6. Big Plate Chicken:

Big plate chicken is a common dish in china. Many restaurants add it to their menus. This Chinese chicken stew recipe originated in Xinjiang China. It is stewed in a rich spicy sauce with potatoes, Green bell peppers, and chilies. It can easily be made in a very short time. Before it cooks its chicken is marinated in soya sauce, Sesame oil, and cornstarch then cooked with other ingredients stir fry.

7. Chinese Hamburger:

Chinese hamburgers are known as meat burgers in china. It is common street food in china. People loved it because of its meat consistency. Hamburger filled with meat; Chicken, Pork, with seasoning different types of sizzling spices. It is an affordable and convenient street food of china that can be easily availed by an average income person per day. It is called a “ meat in bun burger” that is cooked in a pan easily

8. Soya Beans Noodles:

Soya bean noodles are organically grown soybeans and are also called noodles with soybean paste. It is a Chinese dish with thick wheat noodles cooked in Zha Jiang sauce. This sauce is made for sauteing pork, Beef with salty soybean paste. It is topped with fresh vegetables such as cucumber and radish. It is also a common street food in china. People loved it because of its sauce and thickness

9. Guangdong Dim Sum:

Dim sum is a traditional food in china. Dim sum means ‘Touch the heart’ in china. It is used during snack time and is also a good appetizer. It consists of small dumplings and other snack dishes served with tea. It can be steamed and also baked and filled with roasted Chinese pork which is marinated in honey, Soya sauce, and other spices. People loved it due to its pork and honey flavor.

10. Shanghai Braised Pork:

Shanghai Braised Pork is also a famous dish of china. People loved it because of its making. It is lightly fried before cooking and then dipped in a specific kind of wine until cooked. It is also a street food in China and people want to eat it again and again due to its cooking method. When it is fried and then cooked in wine, it is more tender and juicy. It’s quite expensive than other dishes in China


Chinese people are very sweet and friendly towards other countries. They have many delicious, Tasty, and affordable food. Many of that is street food but some of that is specifically served in restaurants. Chinese rice, Braised Pork, Dumplings, hamburgers, Rice pudding, Chow mein, Soybean Noodles, and Dim sum are famous foods in china. If you want to know Chinese culture it would be very helpful to know a bit of their language. AmazingTalker is an app that is beneficial and easy to learn with. They will make the lesson easy, make you a flexible schedule, and their tutors are very friendly and have a grip on their subjects.