Authentic and Traditional Italian Recipes

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Italy has always been known as a country rich with history and culture. However, Italy’s greatest brand is its iconic dishes that conquered the world when it started going global in the 20th century. Italian immigrants throughout the world spread their traditional cuisine across the world. Naturally, the United States is the real powerhouse that supported Italians, who represent a huge part of overall US culture.

However, some of the recipes had to undergo some alternation in order to satisfy the needs of the people that live in the US. How about traditional recipes which remained untouched over time? We are going to focus on them in our article. If you are ready, let’s begin.


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We are going to kick it off with Arancini, a dish that refers to stuffed rice balls. They are fried in order to have that crispy feeling under the teeth. They are usually filled with tomato sauce, ragu, peas, and mozzarella.

This dish is very similar to pizza and pasta dishes that Italy is famous for. However, this is a very welcomed diversity. The fillings of this meal are differing from region to region. Some Arancini can be filled with a bechamel sauce and this type is called arancini con burro. Other types are arancini con melanzane and arancini con Funghi.


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According to tradition, Naples is the town of origin when it comes to Lasagne. This is a very popular dish throughout the world. It is made by baking sheets of lasagna pasta filled with ground meat, cheese, different kinds of sauces, and of course, vegetables. When it comes to sauces, you can choose between tomato sauce, ragu, and bechamel. If you are a true lover of Italian cuisine, you should miss out on this tasty and very popular dish.

Osso Buco

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Every person that loves meat should be aware of how tasty and flavor-rich is Osso Buco. Especially Osso Buco Alla Milanese. The meat is slowly braised in white wine that will make it very tender. After that, meat is served with a wide array of vegetables. You will not make a mistake will almost any vegetable that you choose to serve alongside the meat.

This dish is an aromatic mixture of gremolata, which is made of parsley, garlic, and a lemon gest. This meal is not whole without these two ingredients. The best thing about this meal is not over after you finish eating vegetables and meat. After them, you will savor the marrow from the bones.


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This dish is considered to be a part of Cucina Povera, which translates to the poor man’s food. It was created by collecting unfinished food like vegetables and bread that was left after cooking dishes for the masters. All of these ingredients were boiled in water, and that’s how this dish came to be.

The English translation of this dish means reboiled. That surely gives you an idea of how this dish was created. Despite its humble origins, this dish is considered to be one of the most important dishes in Italy’s region of Tuscany.