What Makes Australian Manuka Honey So Special – 2023 Guide

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To begin this story the right way, we must first explain what precisely is this product and what makes Australian manuka honey so special. There are many reasons, and we’ll try to cover them all. This unique type of honey can be found in the Southern Hemisphere, where Australia is one of its most significant manufacturers. What makes it one of a kind are bees that pollinate the manuka bush, also called the Leptospermum scoparium. Various types of this bush can be found all over the world, but they just do not have the flowers needed for bees to do their work and bring us this exceptional product.

The word manuka comes from the Maori language, which originates from New Zealand. There’s a great battle being led at the moment between New Zealand and Australia over the naming of this honey. Regardless of the name dispute, the Australian Manuka Honey, which you can get from Pacific Resources International, is, without a doubt, one of a kind, and something you should try in your lifetime.

Origin, Price, Taste

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Australian manuka honey comes from the land down under, where they apparently have some of the world’s hardest working bees. This honey is fast becoming one of the most popular Australian export products. Its growth in popularity is one of the reasons why there so much struggle between Australia and NZ over who gets to have a monopoly over manuka. It can be found on both islands, as tea tree and myrtle families plants, from whose flowers bees make this honey grow in these areas.

At the moment a jar of 250 gram costs around $30. No, it’s not cheap, but with all the benefits it carries, it is worth your money. Also, you won’t find this it in regular stores, as it’s not an everyday item. Stores like Whole Foods usually have it, but natural foods stores are where you’ll find it 100%. Regarding its taste, it’s also unique, and it is another reason why people rush to buy it. It is characterized by a sharp flavor and distinctive sweetness. Both of these traits differ it, from other types of this product. Compared to different kinds out there, it also has a rough texture.

Furthermore, it has strong bioactive properties, that are not standardized on the honey market. Unlike other products you have on the market, this honey also has healing properties. These properties come from the richness in dietary methylglyoxal, which can be found in manuka flower’s nectar.

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

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Health benefits of manuka honey are known for almost forty years. It has been proven that it aids the digestive tract, mostly acid reflux, and most types of fungal infections. Furthermore, it aids in dealing with respiratory issues such as sinusitis, sore throat, and various types of allergies. But, its most significant strength is, which is essential during times as these when we have coronavirus, boosting immunity. Compared to other types of kinds of honey, this one is much more adept in dealing with infections. Its properties became a worldwide phenomenon, and today you have many celebrities endorsing it.

Do Nutritionists Agree With Health Properties of Manuka Honey?

While health benefits are in place, and you shouldn’t doubt them, nutritionists remain divided regarding this product. Scientific experiments and years of research proved that manuka could fight against various types of bacteria. In addition, it can also heal surface wounds on the skin. While things as these sound amazing, nutritionists call for caution and claim that manuka honey shouldn’t be eaten in all circumstances.

For example, it shouldn’t be administered to children under the age of one year. In cases with children, this young can lead to botulism. Considering that this product is rich in glucose, people who have diabetes should also avoid it.

Types of Australian Manuka Honey

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The two types of this honey stand out, and those are Australian Manuka Honey NPA 10+ and Australian Manuka Honey 30+. The first one has a uniquely strong antibacterial presence, and it can be used to boost the immune system and to help digestion, while on the outside, it can be used to treat minor wounds and burns. NPA 10+ has its MG rating over 265+ mg/kg and more than 100+ mg/kg of leposperin content. In this product, you’ll only find pure honey, without traces of bees or honeycombs. It can be used daily as an addition to tea or coffee, but it can also be put on toast, or you could simply eat it with a teaspoon. Be sure not to take more than 2-3 tablespoons for the best effect.

Australian Manuka Honey 30+ has the exact health benefits as the NPA 10+ version. The only difference is in the content of leposperin and MG rating. Unlike NPA 10+ that has MG rating over 265+ mg/kg and more than 100+ mg/kg of leposperin content, 30+ has only over 200 mg/kg MG rating and 100+ mg/kg of leposperin content.

Medical Use

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Australian manuka honey can be used in different branches of medicine. As a genuinely potent natural cure, it found its way to various appliances. In most cases, regrading medicine, manuka is used for healing wounds. We are not talking about deep wounds, but about surface cuts. But, in addition to this, it can also be put to use in dealing with various diseases with different effects. There aren’t many studies that prove the following, but in some cases, manuka honey can positively affect patients with cancer, lower high cholesterol, reduce inflammation, treating diabetes, sinuses, eye and ear infections, and gastrointestinal issues. As we said, these claims aren’t ultimately confirmed, but work on it is being done.


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As we said, manuka honey is a truly unique product. In this article, you’ve read what makes this honey that special. It is its geographical origin, among other things, considering it’s manufactured in only one part of the world. Also, it is its healing ability, which is followed by numerous health benefits that not many other products, not only kinds of honey, can rival. It is so popular and well-selling that two peaceful countries as New Zealand and Australia are fighting for it. It’s no wonder it unique. All that is left for you is to try it and tell us do you share our opinion.