What to eat in New Brunswick

What to eat in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is an amazing place to visit and it should definitely be on the top of your list for places you need to travel to. It is located in Middlesex County, in New Jersey.

New Brunswick is an ethnically diverse and a buzzing city, which means that you’ll find a lot of different attractions and places that will offer something fun to see. Another thing that New Brunswick is famous for is the university hospitals, which also play a huge factor in why the city is also known as the “Healthcare City”, according to Parkon.com

However, today we are going to leave the hospitals and other attractions aside and talk about restaurants and other places to eat while staying in New Brunswick. Here’s what you need to know.

The Food in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is also known to have some pretty high-quality restaurants and some amazing food as well. In the city, you will be able to find a lot of various specialties from different kitchens, including Italian and many other foreign ones. We put together a quick list that includes some of the top restaurant choices in New Brunswick, so let’s take a look.


Clydz in New Brunswick
source: storystalk.net

This place is located on Paterson Street and has a warm and inviting atmosphere that is attracting a lot of visitors daily. The restaurant features a bar area as well, a dining place and even private dining areas with booths, which is one of the main reason why people choose to spend their times here. The menu is absolutely huge and you will find something that you like guaranteed, even if you are a person that eats only a certain type of food. The decorations and atmosphere are outstanding, and they feature a lot of unique elements, such as fish tanks filled with bottles of expensive wines and other types of drinks. If you are visiting New Brunswick, we definitely recommend Clydz as one of the best places to dine in.

Evelyn’s Restaurant

Evelyn’s Restaurant
source: evelynsrestaurant.com

If you love the casual outdoor dining atmosphere, you’ll totally love Evelyn’s Restaurant. This place has a lot to offer, starting from Lebanese food and moving all the way up to Mediterranean fare and other foreign specialties. Known for having the best outside patio and bar, this place is something that you have to visit if you happen to find yourself in New Brunswick. And we haven’t mentioned the best thing about it yet! Happy hours are available every single day, and their website is really user-friendly and lets you book a reservation with just a few clicks. So, if you enjoy a nice and peaceful lunch in a casual and relaxing atmosphere, you are guaranteed to like this place.

Steakhouse 85

Steakhouse 85 New Brunswick
source: steakhouse85.com

Among the places with a relaxing atmosphere, this one is a little bit different. It features an electric and buzzing environment, and it is rare to find an empty seat in it as well. Welcome to Steakhouse 85, a place that is decorated with a dark wood interior and a long bar with some intimate booths alongside. If you are a fan of some good meat cooked by professionals and an upbeat atmosphere, this place is definitely for you. Despite the name, Steakhouse is known to have some pretty good desserts, so if you have the “sweet tooth”, make sure that you try their peanut butter and chocolate mousse cake, you won’t regret it.