What Is Vegan Skincare And Is It Better For You? – 2023 Guide

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In the beauty & skincare industry, the question that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment is: “Is vegan skincare genuinely better for your skin, or is it just a greenwashing marketing move in order to sell more products?” 

The fact is, you don’t have to be a vegan to understand that anything made purely from plant-based ingredients is much better for you and the environment. It certainly isn’t greenwashing when the science is there to back up those claims and prove it.

Today, being a vegan is no longer a term that is used exclusively when referring to diet. The vegan skincare market is growing rapidly as we are becoming more aware of the impact that we are having on our surroundings and the ethical choice regarding products that are tested unnecessarily on animals. 

If you’re a meat or dairy lover, we’re not judging you, and you certainly shouldn’t avoid vegan skincare for those reasons. The benefits that can be delivered to your skin and the environment apply to everyone. 

Of course, it is also important that we don’t confuse vegan as being guaranteed to be cruelty-free. There are many non-vegan products on the market which are cruelty-free, and some vegan products that aren’t entirely (often without realizing). Of course, for the most part, vegan products tend to be cruelty-free, with many environmental and health benefits. However, there are a few ingredients to keep an eye out for.

Ingredients to avoid when using vegan skincare 

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  • Carmine / Cochineal Extract
  • Lanolin
  • Fish Scales / Guanine 
  • Honey 

Whilst these are certainly great ingredients with many benefits, they are extracted from animals or in the case of honey, harvested from the hard work of bees which many perceive to be cruel. We’re not here to judge or force our ideals on to you. Whatever you decide to put into your body is your choice entirely. However, if you are conscious about it and wish to ensure that the skincare products that you use are entirely natural ana cruelty-free, then do watch out for those ingredients. 

The Major Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare Products

1. It’s Animal Friendly 

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Using vegan skincare is, by its very definition, good for animals. Containing no animal products (provided you keep an eye out for those ingredients listed above), these products are also cruelty-free. This means that no animals were used or harmed for the purpose of testing the products prior to going to the market. Thus, vegan skincare products are the future! 

2. It’s Environmentally Friendly 

As the products are good for animals, it, in turn, means that they’re good for our environment as all. There are no chemicals or pesticides that can be harmful to animals or our natural environment like those found in regular skincare products. In order to maintain biodiversity, we must ensure that we are putting as little chemicals on our skin as possible. Whatever isn’t absorbed by us will be washed off in the shower and dispersed into our water channels. 

3. It’s Great for YOUR Skin 

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The good thing about vegan products is that they contain fewer ingredients than regular skincare products. These are especially good for those of you who have skin conditions. Often, ingredients extracted from animals can clog pores, which is why vegan is a much smoother alternative. Additionally, the number of nutrients and vitamins that are derived from plant-based ingredients have a wonderful and positive effect on your skin. Natural is the way! 

4. Better for YOUR Health 

The average woman puts up to 515 different chemicals in her body every day, without even knowing it. This is through all of the health & beauty products that they consume, which are rarely vegan or purely organic. This is why so many people are making the transition to vegan skincare products, as they simply do not want to be putting hundreds of chemicals into their bodies any longer. Everything that was naturally placed on this earth has its uses, and we are utilizing that in our natural and vegan skincare products. 

Collagen for Skincare 

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As you know, collagen is essential in the skincare world but is something that doesn’t “grow” or can be derived from plant-based products. However, there are healthy fats and vitamins (such as Vitamin C), which produce more collagen in your body. Thus, organic and vegan skincare products are great for your skin because of this active encouragement. 

As a whole, vegan skincare products contain far more vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, which help to repair and hydrate the skin. This is especially beneficial to our skin when applied on a daily basis and over a longer period of time. Remember, our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we apply to it, which is why it is so important to be certain that what we are indeed applying to our skin is, in fact, natural and healthy. With certain synthetic skin care products, it can be difficult to be certain precisely what you’re putting into your body and what effects it could have in the long-term.

Are You Ready to Go Vegan? 

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Again, you’re not obliged to give up on eating meat just because you’re using a vegan skincare product. In fact, you’ll be doing your little bit for our environment, whilst taking better care of yourself, which can only be positive.

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In any case, we wish you the best of luck on your quest for beauty. There’s no finer feeling that having smooth and healthy skin. Find your glow!