Types Of Nonstick Pan On The Market – How To Choose The Right One?

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Well! Nonstick pans!

Everyone seems to care much about them every day. And common kitchen blogs such as Beefsteak Veg and Wire Cutter also keep discussing these amazing pans.

How can cookware manufacturers create such amazing kinds of stuff for our kitchen?

You are reading this article, and you all love nonstick pans? Well, so do we.

Nonstick pan

However, we are sure that many people still get confused among tons of nonstick pans on the market. They find it challenging to choose a suitable product.

Based on coating materials, we will make a comparison between some types of a nonstick pan. Each of them has pros and cons. Then, you can make your decision wisely.
But first, do you know why we should use nonstick pans?

Benefits Of Using Nonstick Pans

There is a vast number of benefits that nonstick pans can bring to your daily cooking. The following part will mention some of the most typical ones.

Less time required for preparing and cleaning up

A nonstick pan means that food will not stick on the surface. Consequently, it takes less time to clean the cookware after your meals. As there is practically no scrubbing involved, the whole process can be done effortlessly.

Moreover, in 2023, most of the best nonstick pans can be cleaned with dishwashers. Or, you can also go orthodox and wash them with a regular sponge. Either way, both methods will take you little time while bringing about impressive results.

That being said, using dishwashers is not advisable for certain types of nonstick pans. Not to mention, some pans come with poor scratch-resistant coating. For these items, cleaning methods are quite limited, we are afraid. Hence, you had better check out the instructions carefully before beginning cooking with a just-bought pan.

Less fat requirement

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The nonstick layer on the pan will immensely reduce the amount of oil used for each mean. To put it another way, your food is not going to absorb a great deal of fat, and this means you can cut down on your calorie intake.

Although fat is an essential part of the daily diet, an excessive amount can cause health problems. So, a high-quality nonstick pan is not only a time-saving solution but also a friendly helper in keeping your health in check. Neat!

Affordability and durability

Nowadays, nonstick pans are available with a wide range of prices. It will not be a complex matter to get what you can afford.

Of course, the good ones are quite costly. Then again, their manufacturers use modern technology combined with high-quality materials to give these them a stunning nonstick coating as well as fantastic durability.

These cutting-edge pans can last longer than most regular cookware. So, they might take away a fortune from you at first, be they will help you save lots of money in the long term.

Types Of Nonstick Pan On The Market Basing On Coating Materials

Now, let’s turn to a list of common types of nonstick pans basing on the coating materials.

Pans with the Polytetrafluoroethylene coating

In 1983, a man named Roy J. Plunkett discovered the Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. At that time, he made a surface nonstick by applying this synthetic fluoropolymer.
Nearly two decades later, the PTFE got the registration with the name Teflon. From then onwards, cookware manufacturers have used the Teflon to coat their pans.

Still, a significant drawback that users complain at most about the PTFE-coated pan is that it will produce toxic fumes. The problem often occurs when the nonstick pan gets overheated. Also, being easy to scratch is another issue with this type of nonstick pan. Even under the proper use, its durability can last no more than three years.

Pans with the Ceramic coating

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As a safer material than Teflon, Ceramic becomes a common alternative. It is a type of mineral-based covering that creates a glossy coating along with an outstanding nonstick layer.

Users consider the Ceramic-coated pan as one of the most eco-friendly cookware. There are no toxic chemicals included in the production for sure. However, it cannot be as durable as the Teflon-coated pans. A Ceramic-coated pan tends to be in its greatest condition only in one year, after that the quality will start going downhill.

Pans with the Porcelain Enamel coating

Another safe choice is the nonstick pan with the Porcelain Enamel coating. The PTFE-free pan has a shiny appearance and allows users to reduce the amount of cooking oil.

Cleaning nonstick pan

There is good news for those who are sensitive to the iron because of the Porcelain Enamel-coated pan. These pans can be an excellent replacement with the same quality. This type of nonstick pan can stay with the same condition as long as you can do the proper care.

However, it is quite expensive in comparison with other types of nonstick pan. Plus, the heavyweight is a disadvantage, too.

Pans with Cast Iron coating

Durability and eco-friendly material are two outstanding points of the Cast Iron coated pans. Plus, we find no PPTE as well as cadmium in this material.

Despite the advantages, iron leaching is a common matter with this type of pan, and this is not something you can take slightly. When the iron get on your food, it will put your own health at risk.

This problem can quickly occur when you cook acidic food. It is the reason why doctors always warn their Anemia patients about using this type of pans.

Like the Porcelain Enamel-coated pan, the Cast Iron one is quite heavy. So, it is not the best choice for those with weak wrists.

Pans with Anodized Aluminum coating

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Anodized Aluminum is one of the most popular choices for nonstick cookware because of its affordability. However, these pans are less reactive and easy to get scratched.
Also, people who have Alzheimer’s should not use these pans. During the cooking process, aluminum leach is an inevitable issue. And, in case you have not to know, aluminum is believed to be linked to dementia.


Which type of nonstick pan on the market should you choose? Is it a pan with PTFE, Ceramic, Porcelain Enamel, Cast Iron, or Anodized Aluminum coating? The best nonstick pan must satisfy your requirement of quality, price as well as health safety.

Among the five types mentioned above, the Porcelain Enamel coated pan seems to be the ideal pick. It comes with high durability as an excellent replacement for the cast iron for the health purpose.

Now, are you ready to choose the most suitable nonstick pans for your kitchen? If you do not have much time to search for a decent shop, we suggest Beefsteak Veg and Wirecutter. Anyhow, enjoy your shopping!