Turning Your Passion For Cooking Into a Booming Online Business – 2023 Guide

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Ever since you were a kid, you had a love for food, but especially for cooking. Maybe your grandmother would wake you up on Sunday mornings and have you help her make her homemade biscuits, and from then on, you haven’t been able to leave the kitchen scene since then.

Knowing how to cook seems to be becoming a thing of the past these days, and the millennial generation is the last one who seems to see the importance of knowing how to cook. The ease and convenience of technology today has made it a “new norm” not to have to know how to cook, whereas not too many decades ago, knowing how to cook was essential to your family’s survival.

Image source: pexels.com

Today, you can have a full-course meal with the tap or swipe on your phone! Don’t know how to cook? Order your dinner on Uber Eats! Don’t feel like cooking? Grubhub has your back! Although those food delivery apps save you the time it takes to cook, it costs you a small fortune to have one meal delivered for the price of what you could three meals with!

With today’s technology, there’s honestly no excuse not to know how to cook. The online world has taken the most novice of cooks, taught them how to follow directions, and transformed them into semi-great cooks. Whether you like to cook or not has nothing to do with being able to cook. Why? Because there are so many resources available to not only help people learn how to cook but also save them money by cooking more and eating out less.

If you have a passion for cooking and feel a social obligation to help those individuals who get lost in the kitchen or for those who only know how to cook food in the microwave, it would be an injustice for you to not share your cooking knowledge with the world. If you have a passion for cooking, here are some great ways to turn your passion for cooking into a booming online business.

First Things First: Build Your Online Business Website

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For you to have a booming online business, you first need to build your business website first. Of course. The site is what’s going to be the gateway to the “bread and butter” of your business. Thankfully, several tools such as the WYSWYG website builder from Shopify are easy to use, so you no longer have to be an expert coder to set up a stunning website.

To build your business site, you’re first going to want to choose and purchase a domain name that’s relevant to what your business is about. When people go to your website, they should be able to know what your site is about immediately. For example, antonio-carluccio.com… As soon as you land on his website, you immediately know you’re going to explore everything about modern Italian food. You, too, will need to make your site very clear on what it’s about.

Once you have your business URL, you can then start building your business website. Just make sure you find a website builder that has everything included, meaning essential e-commerce apps are already included, and you won’t have to download everything separately. For list of best website builders today, feel free to check the review portal MyBestWebsiteBuilder.

Once you have a fully-featured website up and running, the next thing you need to do is figure out how you want to make your cooking skills work for you. Here are a few ways to let your skills in cooking give you a booming online business.

Put Your Cooking Skills to Work

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Sell Cookware and Kitchen Gadgets

Whenever you cook, are there any particular brands of cookware that you use? Or are there any types of kitchen gadgets that you’ve seen on TV and have been curious to try out? If so, you can test those products out and resell those retail products on your site as prime recommendations from you.

This is something that can make you quite a bit of money if you think about it. When looking at these commercials for different kitchen gadgets, and even when you go into home stores that sell “As seen on TV” kitchen gadgets, the curiosity in shoppers is sparked but not enough to where they’d want to spend their money on them… at least not until they’ve seen someone else use it first and recommend it!

As a cooking connoisseur, you can test out these non-stick skillets that won’t allow the cheese to burn or kitchen shears that apparently can cut through cement! The cement cutting kitchen shears was an exaggeration, but you might be able to recommend the best kitchen shears of 2023, in your opinion, and sell them in your online store.

Sell Cooking Tutorials

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If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, then you can sell cooking classes online. A lot of times, people will watch cooking shows like In The Kitchen, Farmhouse Rules, and The Pioneer Woman. Those are great shows, but they’re also condensed for TV timing and can sometimes come off as “rushed.”

Video tutorials are a great way to show off your cooking skills and to take your time to help your viewers in the kitchen. You can create video subscription services for your viewers too! This will not only keep them coming back to learn more recipes, but it will also be a reliable source of income for you.

The great thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of money upfront. The most you’ll need to spend money on is:

  • Video platform
  • Computer or laptop
  • Lighting
  • Groceries for the meal
  • Video camera or smartphone

Those are the only things you need to pay for with your tutorial videos. During your videos, you can also make mention of the products you’re using and why you like them. Then, under your posted video, you can leave the links to all the products you used in the video for people to buy them from your store!

Sell Homemade Goods

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The fact that you have your own online business means that you can sell anything. You can resell retail products, but you can also sell homemade products. Maybe you have a barbecue sauce recipe or a marinade that your friends and family love. Because so many people love it, you should consider selling it!

That’s an excellent way to make money, and it’s going to have you in the kitchen cooking! To sell homemade goods, according to moneytalksnews.com, you’re going to need to check the food laws in your area. Depending on where you live, you’re more than likely going to have to get a business license for your state, have the health department come and inspect your kitchen, and provide proof of having met the sanitary regulations of storing cold and dry foods.

You also can’t forget about finding credible suppliers, what your label and logo will look like, and, more importantly, the price! All that probably sounds like a bit of a headache, but just look at how many other people have their homemade goods on the shelves in stores and how many people sell their handmade goods online. You can do it too! It will be worth it.