The World’s Most Richest Italian Chefs

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Food is one notch above love. When served with the pinch of perfection, it gets elevated to an esteemed level. Chefs can better understand the depth of this perfection.

What if we are ever to rate them?

Well, Italian chefs hold their prestigious positions in these rankings. Let us have a look at these star chefs who are counted among the wealthiest Italian chefs so far.

Massimiliano Alajmo

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A representative of the Alajmo family, this well-known MasterChef is known for his experiments with eateries, bistros, cafés carved out by Philippe Starck. The chef made an approximate of 14.1 million euros, with the prestige of being entitled with three stars at ‘Le Calendra do Rubano’, which took him to the countdown of the wealthiest Italian chefs.

Antonio Cannavacciuolo

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It becomes a difficult task to calculate his total net worth and turnover for 2018 due to his numerous accomplishments in the field of books and TV programs. He took his passion for Southern Neapolitan cuisine to the north of Italy and sorted out a way to combine these two different editions to construct something new and exciting. His methods are largely inspired by the traditions of his homeland, which brings all the simplicity of the flavors of home. He is always aimed at offering an extraordinary cuisine experience, which is influenced by the use of excellent raw materials.

Enrico Bartolini

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Enrico Bartolini is the only chef in the history of Michelin guide you have been awarded for stars at the same time, which includes the appreciation for restaurants at the museum of cultures in Milan. He usually follows a highly individual and entrepreneurial approach, which is getting him the greatest reputation in the world of fine dining. He has been among the most prestigious Italian chefs of all time, with a total of 6 stars in five distinct restaurants. This achievement has made him the owner of around £9 million, which has resulted in a growth percentage of 47% for the year gone.

Massimo Bottura

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Massimo Bottura is an Italian chef born in Modena. His grandmother has been the biggest inspiration for him. According to him, his biggest inspiration comes from the world around him, which includes art, music, slow food and of course, fast cars!

He is counted among the most famous and popular Italian chefs in the world. With his remarkable accomplishment of achieving 3 Michelin stars with his well-known and highly acclaimed restaurant Osteria Francescana which is named among the “Top 50 best restaurants”. He secured a total amount of £6.9 million for 2017, which took his net worth to new heights.

Carlo Cracco

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He is the proprietor of an acclaimed fine dining restaurant in Milan which is regarded as the oldest shopping centre in the whole world. He has also been among the hosts of MasterChef Italia, which has been on the air since 2011, apart from the Italian version of hell’s kitchen which was in progress from 2014 to 2016. The chef marked a stop at his ongoing television appearances in the year 2018 when he witnessed his highest growth rate, which is 60% more than what was observed in the past year. His total turnover turned out to be around £13 million in 2018, which is a benchmark in the history of the same context.

Giancarlo Perbellini

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The chef owns 2 stars in his Casa Perbellini in some bistros and Verona. In addition to this, he is counted among the sixth richest Italian chefs who recorded a rate of 15% in the turnover which increased from £5.3 million in 2017 to a figure of £6.1 million in the year 2018. He brings harmonious fusion by bringing the past and present in a combined way for an exciting and engaging creative Mediterranean cuisine for the people. No doubt, he has his own place in the richest Italian chefs of all time.

Andrea Berton

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Starred and well-known for Ristorante Berton, Andrea Berton is another famous and wealthy chef on the list. The chef acclaimed an increase of around 8% in the year 2017, which resulted in a remarkable improvement in the rankings.

Niko Romito

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A self-taught chef, deeply connected to his native, has been running the restaurant Reale in collaboration with Christiana Romito, since 2000. He has earned three Michelin stars in just a span of 7 years. The chef owns three stars at the Reale Casadonna, which led to an increase of 14% in his revenue. This rose from£4.6 million in the year 2017 to around 5.3 million in the year 2018. This can also be seen as a result of his contribution to Bulgari, which added to this accomplishment. He has always believed in relentless research which comprises of a strong entrepreneurial drive. He has always pursued the principles of essentiality balance and fine taste.

Enrico Crippa

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Enrico Crippa is counted among the wealthiest Italian chefs in the world due to his total net worth. He has an annual turnover of around £4.2 million with his super hit Piazza Duomo which resulted in m estimated 3% growth as compared with 2017, where the growth was recorded with a substantial increase.

Alfonso Laccarino

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The chef holds a total of 2 stars Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi, which led to an increase of 26%, which took his net worth to a new height of £3.1 million. This led to an immense and influential position among the wealthiest Italian chefs of all time.

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