Food Table Decorations – Meals and Flowers

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Are you planning a dinner party or some more elegant event at your home and you want it to leave a lasting impression? The key to creating a memorable event is to leave an elegant and stylish impression to your guests. An easy way to do this is by creating centerpieces that go together with the meals. If you are unsure whether your centerpieces will be a good combination with your meals, you can always make your flower centerpieces combined with food.

While these combinations of flowers and food are pretty they can also be very tasty for your guests. There are hundreds of combinations you can do, but here are some guides to help you create your own perfect centerpieces.


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You can never go wrong if you do a simple design. Whether you are focusing on the plate, the types of flowers and the combination of food, limiting your design decoration can be surprisingly good. Looking at through a massive centerpiece just to chat with other guests can be a challenge or even annoying. Extra table space can also be good for your table arrangement. IT is much easier to handle your glasses, plates, and cutlery.

If you want to go simple, you can combine white roses with a couple of white or rose-colored cupcakes on a small plate with a vase to hold the roses.

If you are interested in more flower centerpieces and decorations, check out Flora Queen.


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Combining flowers and fruits together can never go wrong since they are both natural products and usually one does not grow without the other. However, instead of just placing a bowl of grapes or oranges around your floral centerpiece you can get a bit more creative. You have hundreds of fruits at your disposable that come in all colors possible. This means that you can make the perfect combination of colors if you use the right fruits and flowers.

You can stack up a few rows of green apples and then top them off with Forsythia to make an amazing centerpiece that is pretty to look at, its edible because of the tasty green apples and the Forsythia is tall enough so it doesn’t get in the way of the guests.

Another favorite for us is The Kiwi and Hydrangea combination. Kiwis are a very tasty fruit that almost everyone enjoys, but another good thing about this fruit is their beautiful wood-like color. You may think it is weird to admire a fruit’s peel, but when you combine this color with a flower, especially a white flower such as a Hydrangea you can get an amazing combination of colors that will leave every guest at your event impressed.


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Succulents may not be as colorful as flowers, but they can still be a part of a beautiful centerpiece when combined with fruits or even vegetables. You can make a good combination of oranges or tangerines with different types of succulents.

We simply cannot list every possible combination of edible and floral centerpieces, but what we can tell you is that you should not shy away from experimenting.