10 Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake Ideas to Try in 2023

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Birthday celebrations are all about the food, with a birthday cake as a highlight of the day. A lot of traditional customs such as making a wish, blowing out candles, singing birthday songs, have to have a cake in their center. What are the origins of these customs is still not proved. But some stories are saying that the first birthday cake was made in Germany in the Middle Ages, for kids’ celebrations.

At the time a cake was a bread-like sweet course, that started turning into a sweeter version with much more decorations, as the time passes and this tradition spread around the world. The candle represented the light of life and was even used by Ancient Greek when they were offering a round cake with candles to the Moon goddess while praying. A combination of all these customs was spread all over the world and now there isn’t a single person (child or adult) in the world who doesn’t get a cake for their birthday.

No wonder it so important to choose the right type of cake all your guests will enjoy. And then you get tangled up in countless combinations of flavors you have to pick from, that will guarantee at least most will enjoy. One particular flavor you can never go wrong with is the chocolate. A chocolate cake was first introduced to the world in 1948, and since then it has been the safest choice of cake flavor to choose. It is easily combined with different beverages such as coffee, a glass of milk, wine, but also with other sweets such as ice-cream (a perfect combination!). Regardless if it is made of black or white chocolate, it will guarantee a successful party.

So, here are some suggestions for the top ten easiest chocolate cake ideas to try out in 2023:

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  1. Choco fudge cake. If you enjoy chocolate brownies and their dense chocolate structure, with intense flavor, then you will not go wrong with fudge. Regular cakes tend to have a more airy structure, but the melted butter and sugar in a fudge give more creamy structure as well. With the fudge things are easier because the chocolate flavor is so dominant, and simply adding the icing will complete the cake. There’s no need to add layers unless you want to. It’s classic and decadent. Decorate the icing with some chocolate curls and it’s good to go.
  2. Chocolate orange cake. One flavor that creates delicious harmony with chocolate is the orange. A combination of the two is a perfect way to add some citrus freshness into the rich and sweet chocolate taste. Bake some chocolate cake bread, for at least two layers, mix some mascarpone, sugar, butter, melted chocolate, and orange juice, and start layering. This is a flavor to choose, especially if it’s the citrus season.
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  3. Choco truffle cake for adults. This is the type of cake to choose for an adult birthday party, perfect if you want to avoid flour. Chocolate, butter, eggs, almonds, and amaretto or bourbon, decorated with amaretto cream on top – lift the dark chocolate deep rich taste.
  4. Simple chocolate cake. Probably the easiest and the fastest option for a chocolate cake because most of the ingredients you already have somewhere in your kitchen. It’s also perfect for decorating and combining with fillings of different flavors (fruity, cheesy, caramel, or something else). Simply bake the cake bread, making sure you have enough for layering, add milk chocolate, milk, butter, and sugar for the buttercream and a mixture of dark, milk, and white chocolate for the icing. Everyone will love it.
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  5. Chocolate mousse cake. Perfect for those who enjoy a combination of sweet and salty. Melted chocolate sponge in the base with a flavor of rum, followed by a thick layer of chocolate mousse, topped with Choco ganache, and some salty pretzels on top. Served cold, ideal for a summer birthday party.
  6. Chocolate layer cake. The point in making a layer cake is to add as many layers as possible. For this recipe you won’t even have to mix in the ingredients, you can simply buy a chocolate cake mix, add some espresso coffee and eggs in it, and bake your layers. The filling is also simple, combine double cream and melted milk chocolate and that’s it. Get creative with the decoration.
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  7. Chocolate hazelnut cake. It’s a classic Italian recipe. What better combination to go with, ten hazelnuts with chocolate? Mix hazelnuts, chocolate, sugar, and eggs for the cake, top it with ganache made of dark chocolate and whipping cream and your cake is done.
  8. After eight cake. For those enjoying a combination of dark chocolate and mint flavor, just like after eight chocolate, this is the choice. The cake mix contains also some coffee and sour cream, for a mixture similar to muffins. The filling is a combination of cheese and peppermint extract to give it that after eight taste. Top it with ganache, all dark chocolate.
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  9. Rum and raisins chocolate cake. Another one with the boozy flavor. A single layer cake, rich with rum, dark chocolate, raisins, and almonds. You might want to consider it for winter birthday parties.
  10. Malteser cake. You will not be mistaken if you serve this cake on children or adult birthday parties. The outside of it is completely decorated with Maltesers, it simply begs for attention. It’s a thick layer of cake bread, iced with buttercream (containing salted butter), and decorated with delicious Maltesers.
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Options are countless with chocolate. The recipes are even more. If this article managed to interest you in baking a chocolate cake for your birthday party, then you should not skip the Wesley Fudge cake.

Except for the delicious taste it offers, chocolate also has some other benefits. It has been said that it improves your circulation and that it’s good for the heart. Some say it’s also good for the skin. Even more of a reason to eat it.

For the recipe, serving ideas and more information about it visit https://cook.me/recipe/wellesley-fudge-cake/.